An Interesting Week

An interesting week to say the least. The inauguration in the USA and the freak storm here in Mallorca dominated my social media feeds. I was pleased that there wasn’t any more violence Stateside and I sincerely hope that their country gets back to some semblance of normalcy soon. The late night hosts and writers will have to come up with new material now the orange one is gone and is silent.

As for the storm here in Mallorca, wow, that was a strange 20 minutes.

I was sitting at my computer prepping my radio show and the room became as dark as night, the sea outside was rougher than I can remember ever seeing it but I had no clue the damage this brief, yet super strong storm would have on the local area. Structural damage to many buildings, trees snapped in half, it was crazy. Later that day the sun was out and people were strolling on the beaches.

One of the big talking points here in Mallorca right now is the statement from the Spanish Prime Minister that he hopes 70% of the population will be vaccinated by the end of the summer. That’s simply not good enough. If we are to have any sort of a season this year we need those vaccines NOW if not sooner. I love living in Mallorca but the island is dying, there are so many people who are at the end of their tether here. We need an ‘Operation Warp Speed’ here too.

I’ve tweaked the blog posts containing the track-lists so you can listen to the latest shows directly from this page as well as the ‘Shows’ page. 

Stay safe, talk soon.