Another Magaluf Doom Article

The local English language paper here is The Majorca Daily Bulletin and they’ve recently conducted an interview with Central Government Delegate to the Balearics, Aina Calvo.

It’s worth a read as it is utterly ridiculous. In a nutshell, she doesn’t want young tourists that come to party. In her eyes, every young person that has a drink on holiday, be it in a bar or onboard a boat, is immediately converted into a law-breaking menace to society.

They’ve banned “Pub-Crawls” meaning you’re not allowed to walk up a street from one pub to another pub on an organised event with party games, hosts, and a free (sh*t) shot in each venue, as you’ll obviously immediately start fights and jump on cars.

Even more ridiculous is the ban on “Party Boats!”

What on earth is wrong with taking an organized cruise on the Med, with security, life-guards, entertainment and a few drinks in the sunshine? These cruise parties have been a mainstay of holidays in ALL Meditteranean destinations for decades. I’ve been on maybe 30 or 40 over the years and, surprisingly, have never broken laws or behaved in an antisocial manner once back on dry land. I would suggest that it’s the same for 99.9% of everyone else who’ve ever enjoyed a Meditteranean Booze Cruise.

Politicians sit in offices in another town miles away and propose and pass blanket rules on the venues, promoters, hotels, tour operators and anyone else trying to promote the resort to the youth market. 

Deter young people from coming to Magaluf and Mallorca at your peril. Perhaps even worse is that they still come on past glories from when it was THE party capital of the world, they come and hate the experience as there’s nothing to do. Let’s be honest, most won’t be interested in exploring the beauty that Mallorca offers, they came to party. Take that away and in my opinion you’ll have an abundance of empty 3 & 4* hotel rooms during the already unbelievably short season in the years to come.

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