Protest In Magaluf

Last Friday evening saw a large ‘Peaceful Protest’ take place in Magaluf, Mallorca to show the ‘powers that be’ how strongly both workers & residents feel about the closure of all the bars on and adjacent to the Punta Ballena aka ‘The Strip.’

I attended with a friend of mine who had travelled over from Santa Ponsa. I had promoted the march on my radio show on Radio One Mallorca and I hope that helped get the word out a little, either way it showed that I am fully supportive of this protest as I feel that what the authorities have done is wrong.

In my opinion, if bars were complying with the Covid-19 restrictions put in place, they should’ve been allowed to operate. If they weren’t, and I know of a couple, fine them and close them. Nobody I know disagrees with that policy. A blanket closure of every single venue on, or close to the Strip is just completely insane, unless as a number people are speculating, there are ulterior motives afoot!

Sadly, I don’t think the protest will have any effect on the decision to close all the venues, and it’s too late now anyway.

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